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8D .05 Volume Fans

8D .05 Volume Fans

$18.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

Beautifully HANDMADE volume fans that are heat bonded to minimise the weight and minimise mixing of two glues. These are made to assist both beginning and professional eyelash technicians that want to achieve a “volume” affect without having to fan on the go. This product allows technicians to save time in terms of practice as well as performing services thus allowing you to fit in more clients in your working hours.


Lift the fans upwards, peeling from the base.


144 Volume fans per tray

Short stems

Heat sealed at the base

Super fine and fluffy

Cruelty free 100% Korean Silk

Vegan friendly


For a flawless affect it is advised that you use the same brand of fans for each client and not to mix brands unless it is of a similar curl/quality. Different brands produce slightly different curls and thicknesses as each product is produced by a different place/supplier.



Please note that each fan is made by hand, thus, each fan will vary from the next and each tray will vary from the other. Although this may be the case when using the fans in a set, the overall results will still look flawless.


    Available types: 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D


    Available curves:

    4D: c or cc

    5D: c or cc

    6D: b, c or d

    8D: c or d


    Available thickness: 

    4D only .07 mm

    5D only .07 mm

    6D is only .05 mm

    8D is only .05mm


    Available Lengths:

    4D: 8mm to 15mm

    5D: 8mm to 15mm

    6D: 8mm to 12 mm in curve B

    8mm to 14mm in curve C

    8mm to 15 mm in curve D

    8D: 8mm to 14mm in curve C

    8mm to 15 mm in curve D

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