Max2 Protective Coating Sealant

Max2 Protective Coating Sealant


Protects Eyelash extension adhesive from the elements, oils and dust to maximize the bonding of the lashes and helps to extend the life of Eyelash Extensions.


    Color : Clear/black

    Type : Pen Brush



    Apply Coating Sealant 10 minutes after Eyelash Extensions application.

    Re-apply to lashes every 2-3 days.

    Apply sparingly from root to tip

    Apply before make up.


    Do not use Coating Sealant if you are sensitive or allergic to this product.

    Do not use Coating Sealant if you have any eye disorder or open wounds around the eye.

    Keep out of reach of Children

    Close tightly when not in use

    Store in a cool, dark place.

    Shelf Life - 2 years

    Expiration once opened - 1 year