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our salon & services

Our salon is located in Terrigal nearby the pristine beaches of the Central Coast. Our newly renovated salon provides a fresh, calm and professional environment to pamper yourself within. We specialise in eyelash and brow services, along with a range of other beauty treatments including: threading, massage, waxing, tinting, lash extensions, lash infills, lash perm, brow henna, brow shaping, facials, henna tattoos, manicure, pedicure and microblading. 

A full list of our services and pricing can be found below. 

Lash academy, brow and lash specialist
Eyebrow Lamination

Threading is traditional Indian style eyebrow shaping using a cotton string, which gives a more defined and precise shape. Threading is more hygienic and cheaper than waxing and can also be used to get rid of unwanted hair from other parts of the face.

Eyebrows                                         $25

Upper lips                                        $12

Chin                                                 $17

Mono brow                                      $10

Forehead                                         $12

Neck                                               $20

Sides                                               $30

Eyebrows and upper lips (save $2) $35

Half arms                                        $40

Half legs                                         $70

Full face (save $14, neck not included)


Threading session x 6 (payable upfront)                                                             $140


Eyelash                                         $25

Eyebrow                                       $16

Eyelash & Eyebrow (save $4)    $35


Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow tinting and Eyelash tinting (save $11)          $50

eyelash extensions

We do classic sets, hybrid sets, doll eye look, cat eye look, Russian volume lashes. We also supply lash extension accessories. Take a look at our lash shop for more information. 

A full set is 80 - 100 lashes per eye. 

A natural set is 50 - 70 lashes per eye. 

Classic lashes                         

$125                                   Natural set

$150                                   Full set

Volume lashes                     

$150                                   Natural set         $175                                    Full set

Mega Volume


lash infills

2 weeks infill from                    $70

3 weeks infill from                    $90

After 3 weeks there are no infills a new set has to be done. 


Brow Lamination                           $75

Brow Lamination + Tint                $85

Brow Lamination+ Tint + Shape.  $100


Arms (full - 3/4 - 1/2)                $40/$35/$30

Legs (full - 3/4 - 1/2)                 $50/$40/$35

Underarms                                   $20

Shoulders                                     $20

Chest from                                  $35

Stomach from                             $40

Back from                                   $40

Bikini line                                    $30

G string                                       $50

Brazilian                                      $80


Please enquire at salon. 


Hand tattoo (1 side/2 sides) from $20/$30

Foot tattoo from                           $20

Bridal service (includes both sides of hands and feet) from                               $150

eyebrow henna

100% natural and organic, longer lasting time, conditions your brow hair and helps to promote hair growth to naturally fill in gaps in your brows.

Brow henna                                    $35

Brow henna and brow thread        $50 

Brow henna, thread and lash tint  $60       

Pamper your brows with this ultimate experience: clean, exfoliate, tidy, shape up and fill with brow henna and brow massage. 


We customise packages as per your needs. 

Suitable facials would be decided after consultation. 


We use skin friendly HERBAL and natural products to promote a healthier and nature loving lifestyle.


We regularly add new facials to our list. For more details on our facials please ring us or visit our website.


All facials include cleansing, scrubbing, massaging, removing blackheads, exfoliation, steam and face mask.

Facial                                  $100.00


Luxury Facial                      $150.00


Starting from                           $500

Touch ups (conditions apply). $150 onwards


Eyelash perm/lift $70

Eyelash perm with lash tint $85

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